Service system


   To provide local-to-local services, TravelSky has established 38 branch offices at home and abroad to offer marketing and services to clients in local and surrounding areas. These branch offices serve as frontline service forces to satisfy clients ’local needs, like system installation, local maintenance, product promotion, door-to-door interview, localization training etc.


  Secondly, TravelSky delegates customer specialists to locate in the airline companies’ headquarters and main airports, to provide personalized services. Our specialists work in an IN HOUSE mode to stand closest to clients to communicate with them and resolve their problems at all times.


  Also, TravelSky has set up a specialized department to provide online services, including collecting and dealing with important issues, removing difficulties for clients.


  The above mentioned three levels of services provide mutual support and assistance to each other, bringing their own superiority to full play, giving the quickest and most convenient services to clients, rather than being restrained by single perspective service.


  Moreover, in recent years, many domestic airline companies have developed dynamically in the overseas markets. Under such circumstances, TravelSky has cooperated with AIR CHINA, CHINA ESTERN AIRLINES, and CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES to provide electronic tickets service and departure check-in services in more than 20 main airports in metropolis like London, Seoul, New York and so on. We have also built up business link to all international GDS flight booking systems, largely shortening the processing time for international flights, which greatly improve our transaction dealing efficiency and thus shorten waiting time for our clients.





Service handbook    

Service Manual

Custommer service work guidance docu ments

-The basic idea of service

-The commmon service specification

-The whole process service

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