Sevice philosophy



  Standpoint: Every part of our work is regarded as service to clients. The engineers and sales personals in the frontline provide services to our customers while the functional departments provide support to all of them. And thus, service becomes the true value of every department and every staff.


  Study: We apply varieties of means to get to know our costumers well, to enhance effective communication. And by grasping customers’ expectation of product services, we’re even able to identify and be well prepared for the potential demands of our customers in the continuously growing trends.


  Strategy: We are dedicated to improving our services throughout all of the company’s business. From the very beginning of meeting customers, we pay close attention to their needs. Our frontline crew identify and transmit their demands wholly and exactly to our supporting engineers, while they deliver demands into technical implementation and supports. We work in such a smooth and closely linked flow that technology guarantees business, business coordinates with marketing, while marketing complies with clients’ need. Thus, we keep moving towards our goal of surpassing clients’ expectation through intimate cooperation between each department.


  Survey: We strictly control our service quality by monitoring executing process and periodical review, to make timely adjustment the changing situation. All staffs are also assessed in perspectives of service level and quality based on customers’ feedbacks.



Service handbook    

Service Manual

Custommer service work guidance docu ments

-The basic idea of service

-The commmon service specification

-The whole process service

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