Business Overview


   Performance Overview

  In 2013, TravelSky''s total revenue reached 4,509.3 million yuan, an increase of 11.1% over the year of 2012, and its net margin totaled 1,205.7 million yuan, an increase of 6.4% over the previous year.


  General Introduction to Business

  As a leading provider of IT solutions for the aviation tourism industry in China, TravelSky is at the core of the distribution value chain of Chinese aviation tourism. Based on the needs of commercial aviation companies, airports, tourism product and service providers, travel agencies, travel distribution agents, institutional clients, tourists, cargo agents, organizations like IATA and government agencies, and after over three decades’ research and development, we have gradually established a complete industrial chain of IT services with key information systems including inventory control system, seat distribution system, check-in system and settlement and clearing system at its center. Moreover, we have formed an IT service product line of aviation tourism which is relatively abundant, powerful and inexpensive, and thus helped all participants in the industry to expand business, improve services, reduce costs and ultimately benefit the tourist.


  Overview on International Business

  Since 2000, TravelSky has established 8 branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korean, Europe, US, Taiwan and Australia, mainly providing services and supports of the aviation companies owned by TravelSky in foreign countries and expanding foreign business. In 2013, TravelSky set up the R&D Center in North America, utilizing American technologies and talents to enhance the level of domestic R&D.


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