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Pudong Airport Automatic Check-in Gate Mounted
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  Recently, an airport automatic check-in gate, which was researched and developed by East China Aviation Cares Airport Software Department taking the lead, was relocated to T1 Terminal Building of Pudong Airport, and successfully mounted and debugged. Now, it is experiencing on-spot test.


  Automatic Check-in Gate is mainly used in recording and verifying the passenger identity information. By scanning the boarding pass’s barcode or two-dimensional code at the designated place of the scanner that is mounted on the right side of the channel, passengers can check the information. If the system verifies the information’s correctness, the passengers can pass the gate. Application of the automatic check-in gate not only meets passengers’ demands for self-help services, but also saves a lot of manpower for the airport and improves the airport’s information technology level.


  With application of the automatic gate, the company further diversifies its airport products. Also, this beneficial attempt enriches the company’s product line. Sure to benefit improvement of the company’s competitiveness.


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